By: Jayshree Vanneldas

It was an awesome experience working with Puneet, she is very honest with her opinion and will give you blunt opinion, no sugar coating. We started our journey in the mid of August 2022, we had no idea what type of a house we wanted, we didn't had most of knowledge, we learned as we started looking for houses. We might have looked for more than 60 houses before we found our house and that too in the city we wanted i.e Mississauga. She has great contacts with Mortgage agent who is very hard working as well. She never rushed us into buying or to put offer on a house. There were times where me or my husband were not on same page, she bluntly said do not go for it because you both should love the house equally. I would truly recommend her especially first time home buyers like us.

By: akshay more

It was an awesome experience to have Puneet by ourside to find our first house. Puneet is very patient and passionate toward her job. She will understand your requirements in couple of showings and will help you find your dream home. One of the best thing about puneet is that she never gets tired of showing you houses and she will never influence you in a wrong way to get a property. I have seen close to 50 property.😁 Thank you Puneet for all your help and support keep going and growing.

By: Harpreet Kaur

Puneet is very professional and it was an amazing experience with her to find our first home. She was very responsive and easy to talk about any concerns that we have. She gave us right guidance and she was very quick to clear out our doubts that we have with our builder I would definitely recommend her my friends.

By: manpreet brar

Puneet helped me to lease a house and guided me throughout the process. Its only because of her that house leasing process went very smoothly. Thank you Puneet for your excellent service.

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